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DG Self-Publishing helps authors develop and self-publish high-quality children's books by offering exceptional graphic design, illustration, and publishing services. For over 15 years, we’ve been providing graphic design & creative arts services. In the last 7 years, we’ve evolved to a self-publishing specialty company for children’s books authors.

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We specialize in children’s book illustrations and start-to-finish support for self-publishing authors. Our one-stop shop consist of packages with illustrations, editing, marketing, graphic design, publishing, formatting and more.


Fast Service

Our team of professionals take pride in creating original remarkable illustrations in a timely manner.

Dedicated Team

Our professional team specializes in illustrations, editing, marketing, graphic design, publishing, and more.

One-Stop Shop

Our one-stop shop allows our clients to feel confident that all their self-publishing needs will be taken care of.

NEW way to self-publish without hard work 

Authors who pursue traditional publishing frequently experience the disappointment of receiving rejection letter after rejection letter as they spend years trying to get picked up by a publishing company. Those who do eventually get accepted, often experience the frustration of having to give up the rights to their book and have their vision disregarded as the publishing company makes all sorts of changes that they don't agree with.

Authors who pursue self-publishing often end up with illustrators who produce low quality work and end up with a book that looks amateur and unprofessional. Many authors who pursue self-publishing get so overwhelmed by how much work is involved or how much time and money is wasted on mistakes, that they never even complete their book.

At DG Self-Publishing, we believe that there is no substitute for quality. This is why we have put together an amazing team of top-notch professionals who are committed to doing quality work. We also believe in making the self-publishing process as convenient as possible for our authors. Our package deals allow us to provide our authors with the speed, efficiency, and convenience that they love.

Having a busy lifestyle does not have to stop you from making your dream come true and leaving your legacy. We put in the time and hard work, so that you don't have to. 

What our customers are saying:

Inspirational, positive, and fun to work with...

"I've been personally using DG Self-Publishing for about 10 years. Their company has always been inspirational, positive, and fun to work with. Their quality of work and service is what keeps me coming back each time. They have really helped me capture my full vision with both of my companies. I don't know what life would be like without DG!"

Candice E. Cox, LCSW  //  Author

Your work is incredible...

"Your work is incredible. Thank you for sharing it with us and helping us manifest the beautiful beginning of our journey with our son!"

Robert & Courtnae  //  Authors

Your Vision Matters

You have a story inside you that needs to come out and be printed on paper. You have a vision inside you that needs to be brought to life. This is why we make it our job to understand your vision and your specific requests. We ask for your approval at each step in the book creation process to make sure that the work is in alignment with your vision. Our entire process is driven by your vision so that the final product will be an amazing book that you can truly feel proud of.

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Rekia Beverly  //  Author

Mrs. Ashbury is the brainchild of career educator and writer, Rekia Beverly. A native of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Mrs. Ashbury is dear to Beverly’s heart because many of her shared experiences with students are modeled after her actual teaching encounters.

Beverly created Mrs. Ashbury’s character as a tool to empower students and parents with a different perspective of how teachers actually view themselves. Her goal is to give awareness to readers that teachers live normal lives too. They are excited, unsure, and learn lessons throughout the year just like their students. Beverly is pleased to share Mrs. Ashbury with families and students. Her dream is to continue the adventures of Mrs. Ashbury’s class for many years to come.

Rekia Beverly

Beautiful product...

"Shamirrah is truly a creative motivating force. She worked to create a beautiful product in my book, "Tell Momma", and I am well pleased. Shamirrah has all the pieces that were missing to create my life's goals puzzle. I'm thankful to The Creator for allowing me to fulfill my purpose with Shamirrah's creative assistance." 

Dr. Eniola Burton-Smith  //  Author

Amazing, creative and professional...

"Thank you Donnie! You are an amazing, creative and professional illustrator. I love working with you."

Deletra Hudson, MBA  //  Author 

We couldn't have done it without you...

Thank you!! Everyone loves the illustrations! They rave about them. You guys were amazing! We couldn't have done it without you. God sends people into our lives for a reason.

Kristy High  //  Author 

I trusted you, I am very happy...

Thank you for your your creative power to bring me through to the completion of this book project. My hat I wear is to write and I am not too proud to let others wear the other the hats to help me through my journey. I trusted you, I am very happy of the finished work and I say thank you for your works!

Natalie Mellifluous Kennedy  //  Author 

365 Social Media Post Ideas Planned For You

You’ll get social media posts, for the entire year, exclusively for authors. Just copy & fill in the blanks to keep things simple & relaxing. You’ll never need to wonder, “What should I post today?” EVER again!

365 Social Media Post Ideas Planned For You

You’ll get social media posts, for the entire year, exclusively for authors. Just copy & fill in the blanks to keep things simple & relaxing. You’ll never need to wonder, “What should I post today?” EVER again!



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are protected by our Satisfaction Guarantee.  Within the first 7 days, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may cancel and we will promptly refund you for the amount of your payment minus a 4.5% processing fee. Within the 1st 7 days, if we determine that you are not a good fit for our program, you may also be issued a refund along with a project cancellation.

Donnie & Shamirrah Hill

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Meet the Founders

DG Self-Publishing is a Black-owned business, founded & lead by a husband and wife team – Donnie & Shamirrah Hill. The company is based out of Arizona but serves clients throughout the United States and throughout the world. 

Shamirrah & Donald Hill

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